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Patrick Chan, a farewell look

When I first met Patrick Chan, he was peering over the Hershey Centre rink boards from the ice with only his eyes in sight. He was 10 years old but looked eight, maybe less, at the Canadian national junior championships. As a juvenile, the category on the lowest rung, he took a bronze medal. His […]

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The men's short program in Vancouver

VANCOUVER From the mists of Vancouver finally emerged Patrick Chan. And he is shedding some rust. “It’s slippery,” he said, after he fell on his opening quad toe loop, then sliding unceremoniously on his side. Thinking on his feet, he added a triple toe loop to his triple Lutz, but then stepped out of a […]

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Patrick Chan, pulling himself to the finish

So much of what Patrick Chan does is linked to emotion, his inner life, how it feels to do something, what it means to him. It gives him a restless foot. And that’s how he’s found himself in Vancouver for the past couple of months to prepare for the national skating championships and Olympics, thousands […]

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Hallelujah, Chan finally arrives at Skate Canada

REGINA What a day (or two) Patrick Chan has had. He missed the first men’s practice on Thursday at Skate Canada International. And he arrived just in time to take the ice for the second men’s practice. Without a suitcase. Which means, at the moment, he has no clothes, just practice clothes. And thankfully, his […]

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Patrick Chan deletes a quad – for now

You have to feel for these guys. These single men’s skaters who are going to war this season to out-power all who lie in their paths. They will rotate like spinning tops. They will try to defy gravity, shrug at it, taunt it like fiends. They are coming close to Cirque de Soleil performers who […]

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