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Weaver and Poje watch flood from afar

Skate Canada photo   Ask Kaitlyn Weaver what her hometown is and she replies: “My HOME hometown?” Yes. Although Weaver became a Canadian citizen in 2009, her HOME hometown is Houston, Texas. And who needs to say anything else right now? Of course, since last Friday, Houston has been lashed by a Category 4 hurricane, […]

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Patrick Chan: Dust in the Wind

Three-time world champion Patrick Chan is searching for perspective this Olympic season. Patrick Chan has come a long way since he posed for this family photo.   Experience has taught him that he must pick his way thoughtfully about his tasks in a season that could be overwhelming and intense. He’s been there, done that. […]

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The Waddell Brothers: an extraordinary test

They have the same eyebrows. The same eyes. The same smile. Same hair. Bruce Waddell is the Mini-Me to his older brother, George. Teenagers both, they are separated in age by three big years.  Photo by Danielle Earl Bruce Waddell and Natalie D’Alessandro George Waddell and Sabrina Bedard (Skate Canada photo) They are both ice […]

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Boys to Men

One thing leads to another. Keegan Messing finished fifth at the Canadian championships last season. That landed him on the national team. That meant he got some financial help for training. And it means that this season, he is actually a full-time skater. Skate Canada photo All of these upticks in his personal situation rolled […]

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Run boy, run

Yes, Stephen Gogolev is still only 12 years old, a ghost-like little form who expresses his intent on the ice. Photo by Danielle Earl He’ll be 13 in December, too young yet for the Junior Grand Prix circuit, but nationally, he’s making the huge leap from junior to senior. “It was kind of an easy […]

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