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Gary Beacom: Blade Master

Around the rink they flew, all manner of skaters executing unusual shapes and steps, all in the mold of blade master Gary Beacom, a 56-year-old pied piper of sorts. There were falls. There were smiles.Giggles to be sure.  A tiny girl clearly unafraid of the odd slip – who undoubtedly had never heard of Beacom […]

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A different kind of victory

TORONTO The atmosphere at the rink at the World Figure Championships last week in Toronto was hushed, quiet, subdued. Heads tilted downwards, eyes on the tracings. People huddled in the cold in the spare stands. But this event and this pursuit – tracing figures with precision and intent – have given life to Christian Hendricks, […]

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Shepherd Clark: a jewel of a figure

Make way, all you Yuzuru Hanyus and Nathan Chens and Javier Fernandezes, and hey, even Evgeny Plushenkos. The real  hero of the World Figure Championships, held this week in Toronto, is Gillis Grafstrom. Grafstrom, a poetic Swede who was a three-time Olympic champion (1920, 1924, and 1928), a painter, an etcher and by trade an […]

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Janet Lynn and why she loves figures

Janet Lynn has that pixie smile still. You know it’s her, although she stepped out of sight for 25 years to raise a family after igniting the world with her free and joyful skating style during the 1970s. She’s back as a judge at the second World Figure Championships from Dec. 19 to 23 at […]

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Donald Jackson and the Maltese Cross

Donald Jackson is many things: the 1962 world champion; the first man to land a triple Lutz in competition; and a 76-year-old show-off. Furthermore, he’s a painter on ice. That’s because he’s one of the few skaters in the world who knows how to do a Maltese Cross, a “special figure” that harkens back to […]

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