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Javier Fernandez has been there, done that, bought the t-shirt

Javier Fernandez has good memories of Skate Canada. His first one, in Mississauga, Ont., during the 2011-2012 season, was also his first with coach Brian Orser. He left a lasting impression, throwing the technical book at his opponents, turning from afterthought into world beater. What, a skater from Spain, defeating world record holder Patrick Chan […]

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Kevin Reynolds: boots that don't fit like a glove

Frustration isn’t the word. Not nearly. Not for Kevin Reynolds, who will compete at Skate Canada next week in Kelowna, B.C. It should be the best of times for Reynolds, especially without multi-world champion Patrick Chan around and a clear path to that Canadian title  – and beyond. But no. His narrow heels make him […]

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Warning: Duhamel and Radford tackle quad throw Salchow

You have to see Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford these days to appreciate the change that has settled over them, now that they have the pressures of the Olympic season behind them. They are not the same. Never will be the same again. They have lost the heaviness and the tightness in their skating, weighed […]

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Quads seal the deal at Autumn Classic

This is a story I did for the Skate Canada website about the final day of the Autumn Classic. Good thing that giant stuffed cricket (looked like a green grasshopper) was in the seats in the arena. (This thing obviously came from folks at the Cricket Club in Toronto where Nam Nguyen trains.)   http://www.skatecanada.ca/2014/10/champions-abound-in-barrie-at-the-2014-autumn-classic-international/

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Fun bits at the Autumn Classic

Oh didn’t we have fun at the Autumn Classic today! The fun bits: Seeing Jeffrey Buttle working as the one-man Ice Bucket Brigade during resurfacing. Filling the holes with his bare hands. As the day wore on, people in the audience began to notice that it was him. Up in the stands, Buttle watching Nam […]

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