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The wild and wacky dance event

Kaetlyn Weaver says she believes in miracles. Last year, she and her partner, Andrew Poje, thought it a miracle that they were able to skate at all at the world championships in London, Ont., after she broke her left fibula in a training accident. She defied all doctor’s prognosis to get there and finish fifth, […]

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Short dance: dancing to a new tune, thankfully

I’ve never seen anything like it. What a free-for-all this ice dancing event at the world championships has become. There’s no predictability about it (at least so far. We still have the free dance to come and we’ll see how that unfolds.) Isn’t it fun? Results from the Sochi Olympics have been turned upside down […]

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Goosebump time in Japan

Oh Mao Asada. This is your moment, your time. If you had won the Olympics in Sochi, it may not have been as memorable as your having lost it, having dropped to the netherlands, having picked yourself up again, going for that nasty nemesis of yours, the triple Axel, having landed it and having shone […]

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Duhamel and Radford find their feet in pair short program

Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford were on a mission. Mission accomplished, at least part one. The script was right. They skated last [strains of Chariots of Fire in the background – or maybe Tribute!], and rose to the occasion, in a zone that they’d tried to find all season. And now they are in second […]

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Men's short program scramble

Tough day for some at the world figure skating championships in Saitama. There was poor Kevin Reynolds, trying to hold the world up on his narrow shoulders like Atlas, after a season of boot problems that still aren’t solved. Last year, with boots that fit like heaven, he was third in the short program. On […]

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